About Clinic Dr G


Dr Abdul Gafoor Mubarak

Dr Gafoor (Dr G) is a well known surgeon in social media and in the medical field. Dr G has been in the medical industry for more than 20 years.

His expertise in General Surgery includes advanced laparoscopic surgery; to diagnose and identify specific diseases when non-invasive methods are unable to aid.

Dr G is passionate in weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery), which helps obese individuals to loose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. He also provides weight loss therapy and consultation for patients with weight loss problems. He has contributed to several international medical health articles and journals.

At Clinic Dr. G, we provide a comprehensive service with highly qualified specialists, trained doctors and nurses to ensure that patients are professionally managed for weight problems by taking into consideration their preexisting lifestyle and illness.

We also provide a comprehensive range of treatments including surgical and non surgical options. Our most popular product to date is our non invasive balloon insertion for weight loss followed closely by our gastric bypass procedure.

Penang Island

Health Tourism – Malaysia is presently ranked some of the world’s medical tourism locations thanks to its affordable, excessive clinical treatment, with the majority of fitness travelers making Penang their favored destination. The upward thrust of fitness travelers withinside the most recent years have additionally contributed strongly in sales for Penang’s fitness tourism sector.

The best interest in medical tourism sparked the established order of Penang Health Association in 2006, then later in 2015, The Penang Center of Medical Tourism (PMED) became connected to sell Penang’s fitness tourism. This specialised venture pressure has grown from power to power and is now domestic to eleven member hospitals and thirteen accomplice contributors unfold over numerous places during Penang.

Penang is well-known for patients across Indonesia for its medical tourists who were drawn to the city by the city’s affordable treatment costs.

Both private and public hospitals in Penang provide a broad range of healthcare services thanks to their staff of highly skilled medical professionals and doctors. It comprises medical and surgical procedures in fields including gastrointestinal, obstetrics and gynecology, ear, nose, and throat, nephrology, and urology, orthopedics and rheumatology, ophthalmology, cancer, cardiology, and cardiovascular surgery. There are various therapies for plastic, cosmetic, and aesthetic repair.

Aside from healthcare services and affordable treatment costs, medical tourists visiting Penang will find the environment perfect for rejuvenation and convalescence. Attractions like Penang Hill and Penang Botanic Gardens offer vigorous treks, walking trails and bracing fresh air and don’t forget the foods! Penang is well-known for its best and finest food in Malaysia.

Surgeries by Dr. G

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Gastric Bypass
  • Intragastric Baloon
  • Skin Lumps & Bumps Removal
  • Hernia Operations
  • Thyroid Swellings & Conditions
  • Brest Lumps, Cancers & other Conditions
  • Cancer Surgery including Stomach, Colon & Small Bowel
  • Gallstone Disease Treatment
  • Circumcision & Hernia for Children/Neonates
  • Hemerrhoid Treatment & Surgery
  • Abcsess & Drainage


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