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Arm gastrectomy is a surgical weight loss procedure in which the abdomen is reduced to about 15% of its original size, with the surgery removing most of the abdomen along a greater curvature. The result is an arm or tube-like structure.


Gastric bypass is a surgery that helps patients lose weight by changing the way the stomach and small intestine handle food. After the surgery, the stomach will become smaller.


Intragastric balloon placement is a weight loss procedure that involves placing a silicone balloon filled with salt into the abdomen. This helps patients lose weight by limiting how much they can eat and making them feel satisfied more quickly.


Skin Lumps & Bumps Removal

Skin lesions such as warts, cysts, moles, and in serious cases, melanomas and some forms of skin cancers occur for a variety of reasons. Our clinical experts will perform a thorough diagnosis to find the most effective way to remove them entirely without leaving any scars behind.

Hernia Operations

Protrusions of tissue around the abdominal cavity (inguinal) and groin area (femoral) may cause lots of complications. Our clinical experts have years of experience fixing cases like these and bringing comfort to people from all walks of life.

Thyroid Swellings & Conditions

Thyroid conditions stay for a lifetime but they can be managed with proper care and treatment. Our facilities and clinical experts provide the best care from diagnosis, to after the surgery.

Breast Lumps, Cancers & Breast Conditions

Any form of lumps call for serious attention once discovered. Our clinical experts are highly committed to provide women with the best and highest quality screening, diagnostic, surgery and care.

Cancer Surgery including Stomach Colon Small Bowel

We diagnose and treat hundreds of cancers every year. Our highly experienced medical team works with state of the art facilities to ensure all our patients have the best quality of life after surgery with no complications ever in the future.

Gallstone disease treatment

Treating gallstone disease requires expert attention as it involves a complex part of the anatomy. Our clinical experts are highly experienced in managing gallstone disease for over 20 years.

Circumcision and hernia for children and neonates

Children and babies require extra attention when it comes to fragile procedures like circumcision and hernias. Our friendly experts do not just manage such procedures with zero complications, but also ensures the child feels comfortable and happy as they should be.

Hemorrhoid treatment and surgery

Hemorrhoid (piles) can happen to anyone regardless of age or gender. Our clinical experts treat the problem from the root to ensure our patients get their relief as quick as possible.

Abcsess and drainage

Abscess can occur due to infections or even complications from long-term diseases such as diabetes and weak immunity. Our experts at AG utilize effective and painless methods to provide immediate and lasting relief.

One-Stop Solution for Surgical and Weight Loss

We aim to help you in your surgical problem and your weight loss journey by using one of the following two methods

Surgical Methods

Bariatric surgery is the most clinically effective way to lose weight.

Non-Surgical Methods

Temporary balloon system is inserted into the stomach to reduce what you can eat.

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