Weight Loss Clinic and Weight Loss in Penang

Penang is a prime example of a state that has ample delicious and mouthwatering food. The abundance of delicacies is taken to a new level in Penang whereby the ever curious and ever fussy “Penang Lang” will always endeavor to find the best in local food.

Unfortunately this is also one of many problems faced by a bariatric or weight loss specialist. .

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Malaysia has a growing middle age population and the latest National Morbidity report has indicated that Malaysia has an alarming rate of almost 51% population being overweight. This number is staggering considering the fact that we are a small nation in South East Asia.

The solution may be more drastic that many envisioned. There is a need for a structured approach involving stakeholders including insurers, NGO and medical professionals to ensure this pandemic does not worsened.

AG Surgery

At AG Surgery, our aim is to provide a comprehensive service to ensure that patients are managed for weight problems taking into consideration their preexisting lifestyle and illness. We provide a comprehensive range of treatments including surgical and non surgical options. Our most popular product to date is our non invasive balloon insertion for weight loss followed closely by our gastric bypass procedure.


Patients in Penang and the northern sector including Kedah, Perlis and Perak would benefit tremendously from our consultation. Besides having a busy clinic , we are also active on social media promoting awareness regarding obesity and other surgical problems.

Our platforms include Tiktok, Facebook and Instagram and a berth of information is available for our patients on these platforms.

We hope to balance the pandemic of obesity in Malaysia so that everyone can enjoy that wonderful Penang nasi kandaq without having the problems of excessive weight gain.

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